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Monthly Condo Activity
MLS #StatusAddressCityBedsTot#BathsCondoNameSqFtTotFnPricePriceClsdDOM
4985310A17 Snow Tree LaneDover11624$220,000 11
4982707AUCF 21 Northbrook Village WayDover221,158$499,000 29
4974916PE12A Dover Green LoopDover321,248$310,000 129
4985307AUC10 Tenth LaneWilmington341,506$299,000 9
4986196A9b Suntec LoopDover331,768$389,000 1
4979459PE4 Garmisch CourtWilmington443,398$1,800,000 77
4985254AUC9 Powderhorn LaneWilmington564,500$2,288,000 6
4957552AUC8 Black Bear LaneDover32Bears Crossing1,250$335,000 230
4971100AUC25B Boulder RidgeDover44Boulder Ridge3,100$950,000 142
4982729AUC1 Garmisch CourtWilmington55Chamonix3,685$1,998,000 14
4985559AUC4 Birdie LaneWilmington44Country Club1,655$349,000 4
4985524A2D Dover Green LoopDover32Dover Green1,248$279,000 8
4985819A12E Dover Green LoopDover32Dover Green1,248$299,000 6
4983776PE89 Grand Summit WayDover22Grand Summit Resort Hotel878$225,000 6
4981383AUC100B Greenspring RoadDover34Greenspring2,573$739,000 31
4980264AUC266D Handle RoadDover22Mountaineer980$375,000 75
4983119A14A Grouse LaneDover43Partridge Run2,600$719,000 35
4932711AUC7 Haymaker LaneWilmington23Powderhorn1,760$575,000 489
4981387CL390 Haystack RoadWilmington22Quail Hollow1,100$313,000 $313,000 7
4983912AN-32 Brookside Village WayDover22Seasons1,160$525,000 26
4981846A4J Trailside Village WayDover44Seasons1,894$900,000 49
4985877A3E Townhouse SquareDover34Seasons on Mount Snow1,730$949,000 6
4984390AUC5 G Mountain VillageDover22Snow Mountain Village900$249,000 5
4932738CL13 I Mountain VillageDover22Snow Mountain Village1,300$224,000 $224,000 477
4983126AUC9K Snow Tree LaneDover12Snowtree613$185,000 7
4979401CL9G Snow Tree LaneDover22Snowtree675$190,000 $190,000 32
4976412CL12 Tenth LaneWilmington34Spyglass1,600$290,000 $290,000 76
4964414CL15A Suntec LoopDover43Suntec2,200$420,000 $420,000 99
4985564AUC21B Silver Birch ExtensionDover32Timber Creek2,016$599,000 8
Please call for sales figures further back or for more recent activity
*Based on information from NNEREN MLS
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